The Calla Lily is a Strange Flower……

The Calla Lilly is a strange flower suitable to any occasion. From simple romance, weddings, special events, and even to the end of time celebrating a loved ones life, the callas’ versatility continues to make them a star.

Did you know that the calla lily isn’t even related to the lily family at all? They are members of the Zantedeschia family. The showy, colored spath is the leaf-like organ that surrounds the true flower, the thick, tubular-shaped spadix. There are standard and miniature calla lilies. Many more colors are available in the miniature callas than the standard.

When handling callas, avoid touching the flower heads because they bruise easily. To maximize the vase life of callas, re-cut the stems with a sharp blade at an angle and place in freshly made flower food every 3 days. Re-cutting the stems every 24-48 hours will help prevent the stems from splitting and curling up. Callas can maintain their beauty from four days to two weeks, depending on the variety, their treatment, and display location. Callas should not be placed in direct sun or near drafts, refrigerators, televisions, or any heat-generating appliance.

With proper care and placement these beauties will remain in the spotlight for years to come!