Let me introduce you to Pamela

Welcome to the Wylie Flower & Gift Shop Blog. My name is Danny and I am a co-owner and somewhat of the person behind the scenes at the Wylie Flower Shop. Pamela is my wife and better half and she is the primary owner and face, brains, character, etc… (all of the good body parts) of the business. This blog will be a cooperative effort to try and bring you some useful information whether it be about the floral industry, Wylie TX, or anything that we think may be worthy of your perusal.

Pamela grew up in the floral industry. Her grandmother worked at a shop in Dallas, her grandparents then owned a shop in Denton, which they left to her uncle and is now owned by her cousin. Pam’s aunt owned a flower shop in Sherman for years, then retired only to have all three of her daughters re-enter the industry at different times of their lives (Pam’s other cousins).

So we have covered the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, we now can turn attention to Pam’s parents. The Wylie Flower Shop was founded in 1957 and was at the opposite end of the block. Martha & Bobby King purchased the shop in 1961 at its’ current location. They took over the shop on Mother’s Day and rumor has it they only had 1 order. Pamela was born in Wylie a few years later and spent most her formative years between the flower shop, Allen Funeral Home (which at the time was just next door), the snow cone stand, and her gift shop, Pam’s Nook.

Pam went off to college, got married and gained a beautiful daughter (Wendy),  went to law school, and came back to Denton, TX as an attorney for Denton County. In 1991 we were blessed with a wonderful son, Cole. Cole was our miracle as he was not supposed to ever make it out of the hospital. Cole made it through a several rough patches the first few years and because of his needs we felt it best to move back to Wylie and for Pam to change careers.

Pam had fond memories of her years at the flower shop and it would allow Cole to stay with her at the shop and also get special attention from his paw-paw (Bobby) & mom (Martha). Yes, Cole calls Martha mom, because he always heard Pam call Martha mom. Cole also calls Pam mom. During that time, the old-timers used to meet in our wedding chapel (now the gift shop) every morning for coffee. Cole became a regular there each morning and often picked up some bad habits. Pam & I purchased the shop in 1994 & Pam worked daily (still does) at the shop and I worked as a programmer for several companies though 2003. I like to say I retired early but it seems I am busier now than ever before. I tend to handle special projects, marketing mailings, anything dealing with technology, and I also put our new website in. I have tried to make the website somewhat unique and I am always open to suggestions.

Pam & I are working on our 17th year at the flower shop and we are very fortunate that we are the only flower shop in Wylie. When Pam left for college in 1982, the population of Wylie was 3,200. Today in 2012, we now have 40,000+ residents. We have a great staff at Wylie Flower Shop that also makes the job easier for Pam and allows her some freedom to be involved in community affairs.

Pamela very much enjoys what she does and I invite you to please stop by and visit. You very likely will not see me, but you will see the much better half of the business ownership. Plus you may just get to see Cole put on a concert.

Thanks for stopping by!



One thought on “Let me introduce you to Pamela

  1. A dear friend, David Brown, in Wylie passed away I called the funeral home asking for the recommendation for a florist. The Allen Funeral Home did not hesitate to recommend the Wylie Flower Shop. During my conversation with Pam, she asked how I knew David. This helped Pam come up with a unique design for a floral arrangement. Pam sent me a photo and delivery confirmation. Because of the great service Pam provided for us (out-of-town customers) I was able to be assured that the memorial flowers reflected our relationship with David. Thank you, Pam.

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