FTD, Teleflora, 1800 Flowers & DOGS from a Fellow Florist in Illinois

You may all be wondering why I’m posting three links for all of you. Yes, they are our competition only because people let them be. Feel free to take a look at each one & all their negative nightmarish comments from Mother’s Day. You will understand why I’m posting this. The thing that bothers me most is many times these companies will blame the local florists for the unhappy customers of theirs.

We used to be a filling shop for all three of the big ones until we caught them being very deceitful in ripping off people before sending us the orders that they then ripped us off for. Our good name & reputation meant more to us since we work so hard for each & every one of our customers.
Long story short….we FIRED all of them & people are finally starting to realize why you should shop local, which I’ve been saying that for a very long time without all of these explanations.


Teleflora, FTD, 1800Flowers, etc. are all just order takers. They collect your money, excessive fees and then forward what is left to the local florist who is required to fill the order for half of what you paid for it. They don’t even pass on the unbelievable high delivery fees to the florist, they keep it all. GREEDY! Contact your local florist next time and get your order filled for the full value of the money that you paid for it, not half of what you paid for it.
AND…..anytime you google search a florist, you will always see names at the top area. They are ALL deceitful order gatherers (DOGS) that pay millions each holiday to take away from local florists. It’s a big business. There are also listings that look like a flower shop name but again, they bought many domain names to pose as a real florist. If you see a toll free number only & no physical address…you’ve found a DOG! If you ever have an order to send out somewhere far, feel free to contact me, I will give you a phone number of a Real Local Florist. Another way to find one is to type in florist in (town, state) on the facebook search box. There you should be able to find florists listed on fb that you can look at some of their designs & look for yourself & decide.
I’m just trying to educate people as the the Whys & Why Nots

Why are flowers at a funeral service important?


Sympathy flowers make a difference in the atmosphere at a funeral.  They can be a fitting tribute to someone’s life.  They comfort the grieving and allow others to express their love and compassion.

Funerals are designed for the survivors and to commemorate the deceased person’s life, interest, and passions.  They also help the survivors deal with their grief.

My great grandfather was a funeral director in Royse City and my great grandmother was a florist in Dallas.  Both instilled the importance of flowers at a funeral.  Because of this great importance that has been passed down through the generations, Wylie Flower Shop sends a spray of flowers to every deceased at our local funeral home.  We call it a “temporary spray” until it is replaced by a casket spray ordered by the family.  If a casket spray is not ordered, then at least, the deceased will have some flowers.

Years ago, funeral services took many days to plan and carry out.  Today funeral services are rather quick.  Our website, www.wylieflowershop.com has become very convenient for families and friends, being spread out, who cannot always pack up and go to a funeral.  Photographs of sympathy work can help a person, who usually hasn’t had to deal with this event before, pick out a floral tribute just perfect for their loved one.

What does a person send to a funeral service?  That depends.  There are more and more cremations today.  There may be a regular service with the visitation (viewing the deceased) and then afterwards, a cremation or afterwards, the traditional burial.  As a florist it is important to know, so that the appropriate product can be sent.

Traditional designs, such as easel sprays, hearts, crosses, and round wreaths, prevail as the favorite products if there will be a burial.  However, those traditional styles would not be appropriate if there is to be a cremation.  A plant or pretty arrangement,  that can be taken home, by a family member would be a better choice of product.  The small flat sprays have fallen by the wayside, however plants have become one of the favorite gifts because it is a living memorial to the deceased.

We have many gifts that can be incorporated into the floral tribute {such as photo frames with their picture or a favorite ball team’s emblem, plaques, angels, religious icon and figurines, memory lamps} or that can stand alone as an appropriate sympathy expression.  We can and will also incorporate items of the deceased, such as a favorite cap or a cowboy hat, the family brings in.  Wylie Flower Shop has the ability to create customized shape pieces such as guitars, sports themes, tractors, rainbows, tweety bird and so forth.

We offer advice after listening to stories of memories of the love one.  We try to promote flowers as an expression of your feelings toward the surviving, which in turn will help them through the grieving process.  We accommodate the customer’s special flower and color requests.  We often pull flowers from the cooler to give families as much visual assistance as possible.  The families are provided a private consultation area to make their selections of the perfect tribute.

Because, flowers truly do convey emotions, my one request would be that instead of using the words “in lieu of flowers” in the obituary, the families and funeral directors would use the following words “in addition to flowers, donations may be made to…”.

Thanks so much,


The Calla Lily is a Strange Flower……

The Calla Lilly is a strange flower suitable to any occasion. From simple romance, weddings, special events, and even to the end of time celebrating a loved ones life, the callas’ versatility continues to make them a star.

Did you know that the calla lily isn’t even related to the lily family at all? They are members of the Zantedeschia family. The showy, colored spath is the leaf-like organ that surrounds the true flower, the thick, tubular-shaped spadix. There are standard and miniature calla lilies. Many more colors are available in the miniature callas than the standard.

When handling callas, avoid touching the flower heads because they bruise easily. To maximize the vase life of callas, re-cut the stems with a sharp blade at an angle and place in freshly made flower food every 3 days. Re-cutting the stems every 24-48 hours will help prevent the stems from splitting and curling up. Callas can maintain their beauty from four days to two weeks, depending on the variety, their treatment, and display location. Callas should not be placed in direct sun or near drafts, refrigerators, televisions, or any heat-generating appliance.

With proper care and placement these beauties will remain in the spotlight for years to come!



How To Order Prom Flowers

Each year we get a new crop of juniors and returning seniors (fresh off their junior year and ready to take on the world) that have to get ready for their Prom. Here is a few pointers to get you started and help you along the way.

  • Visit your local flower shop at least one to two weeks prior to your prom.This will allow the florist to special order the flowers you want.
  • Bring in a swatch (clothing sample) of your dress or your date’s dress to match the ribbon for your prom wrist-let and/or boutonniere. You can even bring the dress itself.
  • Ask your date if she has a favorite flower or what her favorite color is. By using her favorite flower and/or color you can personalize her prom flowers and make her feel even more special.
  • If you and your date come into the flower shop seperately, make sure you tell each other what you ordered or get the order# so the flower shop can match the wrist corsage with the boutonniere.
  • Have the money to pay for your flowers upon placing your order.
  • Visit our online prom gallery http://www.wylieflowershop.com/gallery_prom.php to get an idea of what you would like to order. There are a lot of examples on the website of our designers work from previous proms and from fashion sources.
  • Trust your florist to make your beautiful prom flowers, After all, they’re the experts.

Each of our designers have made 100’s to 1000’s  of corsages, wrist-lets, and boutonnieres, plus we stay current with the latest trends and designs. Please stop by so we can assist with your prom needs.


Orchid Production in a Global Economy

Did you know orchids are a little harder to come by lately and the price may be just a tad higher than before?

Heavy flooding caused by monsoons in southeast Asia has created a lot of obstacles for Thailand’s orchid industry. The flood problems range from destroying orchid plants, making harvest impossible, and making deliveries to the airport on flooded or closed roads wearisome.

Thailand is the world’s largest producer of dendrobium orchids, generally two million stems a day (wow!!). Their government estimates that flooding affected more that two million acres. It takes more than a year to replace damaged orchid plants. Although only 10% of the flooded areas were orchid farms, the industry has been disrupted. Thus, the beautiful flower is even more special today.

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January Is Self Love Month?

Did you know that January is ‘Self Love Month’? Well it is. But what does it mean for you?

In my opinion, it means that you have a reason to pamper yourself. For the past two months, you have shopped, cooked, & cleaned for others through the holiday season. Now this month is ‘all about me’.

While you are out running errands, picking up kids, or just leaving work, stop by, spend some time in our gift shop, enjoy the unique and distinctive smell of our flower shop. You may even want some flowers for yourself. After all you deserve it, just for being you.

Hope to see you soon.


P.S. If you haven’t visited downtown Wylie recently, please come on down. Downtown has some great restaurants and a variety of businesses that can be explored.